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Use and installation of motor bearing
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Motor bearings, also known as motor bearings or motor bearings, is specifically used in the motor or motor on a special bearing. The motor bearings using a support shaft parts, it can guide the axis of rotation, can also withstand shaft idle units. There are four types of bearings used in motors, namely, rolling bearings, plain bearings, joint bearings and oil bearing. The most common motor bearing is rolling bearing, that is, the rolling element bearing.
Working principle
Motor bearing using smooth metal ball or roller and lubrication of the inner and outer metal surface to reduce friction. The ball or roller carrying a load, supporting the main shaft of the motor, the motor can rotate smoothly (rotor).
Bearing use type
Rolling bearings are used in the majority of medium and small motors. Large and medium-sized motor also uses the rolling bearing. Small motor bearings on both ends of the ball bearings (such as deep groove ball bearing). In the end the use of medium sized motor load roller bearings (such as cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings. Generally used for high load conditions, the non load side using ball bearings (but also the opposite, such as 1050kW motor). Rolling bearings are lubricated by grease, but also useful for lubricating oil.
Bearing installation
The installation of motor bearings is good or bad, will directly affect the accuracy of the bearing, life and performance. Therefore, please fully study the installation of the bearing, that is, according to the operation standard including the following items for motor bearing installation.
The cleaning motor bearings and related parts (bearings and to have bilateral grease with oil or dust cover, sealing ring bearing before installation without cleaning.)
- check the related parts of the size and finishing condition
Installation method
Motor bearings should be installed according to the bearing structure, with the properties of size and bearing components and pressure should be added directly in a tight fit to ring face, shall not transfer the pressure through the rolling body, the motor bearings generally use the following method:
1, press fit
Motor bearing inner ring and shaft is tightly matched with the outer ring and bearing seat hole is a loose fit, can press the motor bearing pressure mounted on the shaft, and the shaft together with the bearing load in the bearing hole, pressure mounted in the motor bearing inner ring end face, a soft cushion assembly sleeve made of metal material (copper or steel).
Electric motor bearing outer ring and bearing seat hole tight fit, the inner ring and shaft for the more loose fit, can be pressed into the bearing seat hole, the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly less than the diameter of the seat hole.
If the motor bearing ring with the shaft and hole are tight fit, install the inner and outer rings and pressed into the shaft and hole structure, the assembly sleeve should be able to face tight and bearing inner and outer rings.
2, heating with
Through the heating motor bearing or bearing seat, the use of thermal expansion will be tight fit into a loose fitting method. It is a kind of common and labour saving installation method. This method is suitable for a large amount of surplus of motor bearing installation, hot charging before the motor bearings or separable bearing rings into the tank in the uniform heating of 80-100 DEG C, then removed from the oil as soon as possible fitted to the shaft, to prevent cooling after the end face of the inner ring and shaft shoulder joint is not tight, the motor can be cooling the bearings Axial fastening. When the outer ring of the motor bearing is tightly matched with the bearing seat of the light metal, the thermal loading method of the heating bearing seat is adopted, so that the matching surface can be avoided.
Fuel tank of motor bearing heating, from the bottom at a certain distance should be a mesh, or with a hook hanging motor bearing, motor bearing can not be put on the bottom, to prevent the heavy impurities into the motor bearing or uneven heating, the tank must have a thermometer, strictly control the oil temperature not exceeding 100 degrees, in order to prevent has the tempering effect, the ring hardness decreased.
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