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How to select the main shaft bearing for high-speed engraving machine
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Angular contact ball bearings can work under the condition of axial preload. Preload can not only eliminate the bearing axial clearance, also can improve the bearing stiffness and rotational accuracy of the spindle, the suppression of vibration and the rotation of the ball when the skid phenomenon. Generally speaking, the greater the pre load, improve stiffness and rotation accuracy better; but on the other hand, preload, temperature rise higher may cause burns, so as to reduce the service life, even can not work normally. Therefore, according to different speed and load of the electric spindle to select the best bearing preload.

Angular contact ball bearings in high-speed rotation, the ball will produce a lot of centrifugal force and gyroscopic moment, when the centrifugal force is greater than cutting role force to the ball, therefore when the main parameter of the bearing design is no longer working load, and the speed should be. In order to solve the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, for the rolling bearing itself, can take the following measures:

(1) to minimize the ball diameter, that is, to reduce the radial size of the ball;

(2) hot press sintering with low density

Ceramic materials to produce the ball, that is, to reduce the quality of the ball. The ceramic material has a density is small, high elastic modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistant, non conducting and non conducting magnetic and thermal conductivity, etc.. At present, the ball is produced by hot pressing ceramic, and the rolling track is still used for bearing steel, and the bearing is called the hybrid ceramic ball bearing.

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