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Autumn vehicle maintenance all analysis of their own to the car detoxification"
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Into the autumn, with the weather gradually turns cool, many owners begin give the car to do "detoxification beauty", after a summer weather, open the window for a long time, inside the accumulated a lot of dust, dust foot drop bombs soot, seat surface block stains, the inner lower side of the plate of the shoe, instrument panel and ceiling need good handling. Huiyue bearing said, car owners themselves to "clean up", there are many aspects need to pay attention to.
Don't rush to dry with a hair dryer
At present, the car seat is basically divided into two kinds of cloth leather seats and seat. For these two seats, the maintenance method is also different. The owner of the clean leather seat, do not spray chemical cleaning agent, can choose some strong alkaline cleaning agent, for example, the life of commonly used soap water, put the right amount of soap and water into a soft towel, gently wipe, wipe the soap ventilated dry, then use a wet towel without soap two times. Reminded the day Junda automobile sales and Service Co., Ltd. Dragon said: "in this process, it is worth the attention of consumers, after cleaning, do not use hair dryer to quick drying, leather is also not exposure, application of tissue or a soft towel dry, avoid to scratch the leather, causing fracture in leather, the best in a cool ventilated place dry naturally".
Fabric fabric seats are relatively simple to handle. Woven velvet seats are not dirty, available long haired brush and strong suction vacuum cleaner with, while the brush seat surface, the side with the vacuum cleaner suction mouth to suck out the dirt.
Car carpet
Don't completely in water for washing
The car the most easy to get dirty is carpet, high Dragon said in automotive carpet cleaning, many consumers will easily into the misunderstanding, when cleaning the whole carpet is completely soaked into the water to scrub. In fact, such an approach is not desirable, on the one hand, all immersed in a few layers of different materials will destroy the adhesive bonding, on the other hand, so that after washing the carpet may cause the car wet, corrosive car chassis.
Actually, for not dirty carpet, use a vacuum cleaner brush head vacuuming processing can be, if the carpet is really dirty, then in detergent before to dust, and then sprayed the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, absorb finally with a clean cloth excess detergent can, so you can make after washing the carpet is clean and with the former as soft.
Cleaning instrument panel
To use anti-static cleaning agent
For the instrument panel and console cleaning, high long told reporters that the principle of the leather in the control desk clean with the principle of clean seat similar to clean the central console requires the use of clean cloth, neutral detergent and water, do not use wet wipes. Need to remind consumers that: when the choice of detergent type is best to use anti-static type of plastic cleaning agent, the effect will be better.
Due to the dashboard the Gou Gou kankam really many, the owner can prepare a special tool, with a variety of different thickness of wood, or ruler tablets, the head repaired oblique triangular, rectangular or pointed, different style, and then use a clean cloth package, is simple and effective. The instrument panel can be used to maintain the wax on the table plate.
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