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How to reduce the wear of the clutch in the use of the car
发布时间:2015.11.21 新闻来源:Zhejiang Huiyue Bearing technology Co., Ltd. 浏览次数:
Clutch wear is an old topic, but how to reduce wear and tear, but we are concerned, today we will discuss.
In order to reduce clutch wear, first of all should be clear of the clutch slave cylinder structure is set on the transmission input shaft sleeve, is relying on the clutch pressure plate through the separation bearing to pump provides the return force, so the usual separation bearing always contact the pressure plate. When the clutch pedal, the clutch pressure plate and compression by separating the separation bearing to make. The driver presses the clutch pedal, the engine transmission device and the transmission break off, the engine power is not transmitted to the wheel to drive the car. When the driver releases the clutch, the engine's driving device is connected with the transmission, and thus the power is transmitted to the wheel.
Note that the following method can effectively reduce the clutch wear. Starting with the 1 stop to get the maximum torque at the start of the clutch to reduce clutch load. Reduce the clutch in a semi linkage state, the use of the clutch pedal should be stepped on the end, the use of complete release, to ensure the complete separation of the clutch and reliable combination. The initial success as soon as possible after the loose clutch, reduce unnecessary friction clutch pressure plate and press.
Don't put your foot on the clutch pedal when driving normally, in order to ensure the full engagement of the clutch. Also in the city driving, deceleration not premature step on the clutch pedal, the speed down to a reasonable range and step down the clutch pedal, cut cluth run idle. When parking should pick off, release the clutch pedal, so as to avoid increasing the burden of clutch.
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