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Note the clutch in daily use
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"No matter do not step on a clutch." This is because the clutch on the car in normal driving, is in a state of close engagement, the clutch should not slip, in the car is started, in addition to the car shift and low speed brake clutch pedal needs, the other time is not nothing to step on the clutch, or put your foot on the clutch pedal. The first is very easy to cause the clutch slipping,clutch ablation phenomenon, it will lead to the clutch pressure springs annealing fault, the oil will result in charges, fees increase car, driving expenses etc.. Of course, the foot long time on the clutch will lead to fatigue driving, so it is difficult to grasp the strength to step on the clutch. So,how to maintain the clutch to prolong the service life of auto parts?

A long exposure, because the separation of bearings, lubrication condition is very poor, so thetractor every 300 to 500 hours after, should be separate bearing removed, clean diesel, makeflexible rotation, and then put into the heating container with butter, butter until saturated withbearing, cooling and solidification and then removed mount.

Two, the separation claw and the bearing cover should be cleaned frequently between the spiral bevel and oil or grease, and often to the small hole on the drop of oil separation claw to lubricate the separation claw and the claw seat separation.

Three, clutch friction plate, active plate and pressure plate stained with oil or rust, should be opened to remove or oil, and gasoline or kerosene to clean, dry after installed. Four, cleaning or replacement of the clutch bearing, should be coated with butter, and with a side dust cover to the clutch, not anti loaded, prevent the oil into the clutch, clutch slippage. Five, regularly adjust the clutch control mechanism, remove dirt, tighten all the bolts, according to the provisions of the lubrication clutch pedal shaft. Six, such as the discovery of the friction plate with rivet head,crack, broken, and large area burned every piece of friction wear to a thickness of less than 3.4mm, replace the new friction plate.

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