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How winter maintenance car wiper
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The wiper is the only tool to clean the car windshield during the running process, more effective security directly affects the running safety of the rain and snow weather, so the wiper is directly related to the quality of your safety. Always check the wiper is good and effective maintenance of the rain and snow weather, will be in your driving handy.

First, because of the long time does not use, wiper maybe in your washing or scraping the water at the same time and water together in the winter to be frozen in the glass, so if cleaning is not timely, next time use is easy to cause the following possibilities:

1: because of too large motor power, will cause the wiper blade tear.

2: motor power is not big enough and the wiper blade and glass serious freeze together, will cause the motor burned out.

3: motor power, wiper blade if not replaced, will cause the glass scratch.

Such as the occurrence of the above three kinds of situation, will bring economic loss and the potential safety hazard of different degree to you, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above, the experts for you timely offer wiper maintenance method.

First of all in the wash after the timely cleaning wiper blade and glass on the water (own washing after more should pay attention especially in winter);

Secondly, timely diligent check your wiper blades whether the cracking of the latter is damaged, if any, should be promptly replaced, otherwise the wiper will scratch your car glass; a timely examination of every piece of wiper blade

Third, don't should avoid open-air car park when long time, if the condition does not allow, the best place to avoid the wiper erected, frozen in melting snow when the wiper blade and glass are frozen together.

Finally, in daily use, please promptly clean up after each use wiper, wiper blade on the ice to stay. When the car in the night and leave the place a towel between the wiper blade and glass, in order to lower dew or frost will not make a wiper blade and glass stick together.

Use towels and other objects will be used to separate the wiper and the glass can effectively avoid sticking together, if you go out in the morning and found the wiper is snow stick in the windshield of words, do not directly wash with hot water, so easy to make the window because of the temperature change and burst, Yu Gua organ deformation.

The correct approach should be the air conditioner to hot air, blowing mode for the front windshield wiper, to natural open.

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